Thursday, July 9, 2009

Preserving Beauty

Our good friend Lisa Boquiren, the uber matchmaker, did just that!!!! matching us up with information from her good friend Rachel B. Dougherty, apparently a bridge player extraordinaire + of course a hydrangea lover....offering us this (albeit somewhat challenging) method of preservation ...for our floral extravaganzas of" mopheads"... This does have a bit of air of the Dr. Danger aspect to floral arranging..

Have a pan of boiling water on stove. Cut the hydrangea and plunge tip of cut stem in water for 30 seconds then put the flower in a deep vase of ice water. (Instead of ice water, very cold water can suffice.) When all hydrangeas are cut, cover blossoms with paper towels and mist with water. Then let them stand in cool place for several hours. That makes them last for several days -- otherwise they wilt very soon.

Let us know how you (hopefully) succeeded in maintaining full vases of perky heads of hydrangeas....

Two good sources of information regarding hydrangeas are + of course Wikipedia..which is succinct + note that aluminum sulphate issue.....

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